Conflicted - the Survival Card Game

Conflicted - the Survival Card Game


Conflicted is a game designed by the author of Dark Ages: 2020, JD Dutra. It opens up in depth discussions regarding what kind of world we’ll live in after the collapse of society.

  1. Downfall Deck - The thin veil of civilized behavior our current modern society currently portrays is easily torn apart. We all have a breaking point, where our will to live speaks louder than our own morals. That breaking point is at a different place for everyone. Downfall will show you where others in your group draw the line between their will to live vs their own morals.

  2. Survival Series - The second deck of Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, features scenarios submitted by the preparedness and survivalist communities. The game will raise an awareness regarding other areas of prepping that perhaps you didn’t think about. Practice your barter, negotiating and leadership skills to perfection on the subjects that matter most.

  3. The New World Series - The official scenario card game based on G. Michael Hopf's bestselling novels The End and The Long Road. If you and your friends faced with the same decisions Gordon and his crew had to make, would you survive?

  4. The Survivalist Series - The official scenario card game based on A. American’s bestselling novels Going Home and Surviving Home. If you and your friends had to make the same decisions Morgan and his crew had to make, would you survive?

  5. Desolation Deck - How far would you be willing to go in order to survive another day? If society suddenly collapsed, which one of your friends would lead your group? Dozens of heart gripping scenarios from the makers of the game, and from the preparedness community.

  6. Nuclear Fallout Deck - A scenario based card game that involves strategy, negotiation and leadership skills. Learn about the features of a nuclear detonation you must prepare for in order to survive. If society collapsed, who among your friends would rise to lead you all?

  7. Financial Collapse - A scenario based card game that involves strategy, negotiation and leadership skills. How do people survive in Venezuela, Greece, Zimbabwe and other countries where the economy has collapsed? How do governments behave when they are no longer financially solvent?

  8. Conspiracy Deck - Emails made public by Wikileaks show the elite's intoxication with the occult and their concerns about the legendary 12th planet Nibiru. There is an unfinished, upside down pentagram on the streets of Washington D.C., its southern tip connecting to The White House. Reports of giant humanoid skeletons found in southwest Wisconsin were published by The New York Times on May 4th, 1912. What other conspiracies are hiding in plain sight? What are the government's Project Blue Book, Operation Paperclip, Project Blue Beam, Operation Mockingbird and others? Who among your friends knows more about the mysteries and conspiracies of the world? Conflicted Deck 8: Conspiracies, will help you find answers to these questions and many others.

  9. SouthernPrepper1 Deck - SouthernPrepper1 has consulted for National Geographic's tv show "Doomsday Prepper" and is one of YouTube's most popular and influential voices on preparedness. His YouTube videos on how to prepare have been seen nearly 20 million times, and now you have a way to take his most popular videos with you offline, wherever you go.

  10. Readyman Deck - What Conflicts you? If you are a Readyman, the answer to that question should be NOTHING! Readyman is about becoming better. We're a community committed to the belief that knowledge is power. With over 73 year of combined Special Operations experience, the teaching and techniques charged by Readyman will make a difference in your survival in every situation. You can find dozens of theses essential survival instructions inside this deck.

These decks can also be used as regular playing cards.

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