Dental First Aid Kit

Dental First Aid Kit


Kit includes:

  • Cotton (eg wads/balls). This can be used to reduce irritation from braces or dentures. For example, you can use the cotton as a barrier between the infected area and the wire of braces.

  • Dental Wax. Used for covering sharp edges of wires or other orthodontic bands. Can also be used as a temporary filling.

  • Tea Bags. Great for controlling bleeding after oral surgery. May also be soothing if you bite your lip, cheek, or tongue. Tea from camellia sinensis may be even better for this purpose.

  • Eugenol. Dental analgesic and antiseptic obtained from clove oil or other natural sources; applied topically to dental cavities and also used as a component of dental pastes.

  • Temporary Filling Material. This substance is better than wax and can be used to temporarily replace a filling if one falls out or breaks.

  • Dental Tools. These are specially designed to inspect and help remove plaque and foreign objects that may be lodged between your teeth. Includes 1 each, mirror, picks, scrapers.

  • Dental Floss. Designed to remove plaque and embedded debris from between teeth and dental hardware.

  • Table Salt. Can be helpful if rinsing is necessary, as salt water helps clean out wounds. It is also useful for treating sore throat.

  • Clean Gauze. Use as a compress to absorb blood, for controlling bleeding, or to wrap a knocked-out tooth.

  • Syringe. Used to apply pressurized water (ie irrigate) to specific areas for clearing bodily fluids and removing debris from mouth.

  • Antiseptic Packs. Used to clean tools and area around injured tissue. Can also be used to clean hands before and after treatment.

  • Surgical Gloves. Used to protect care provider from bodily fluids of patient and patient from unclean provider hands.

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