Water . . . . 

Without water, nothing else matters. 

The human body is made up of mostly water and almost all of the body’s functions will stop working without water.  In this course, we will touch on many aspects of water: how we use it, the vulnerabilities of our water supply, examples of why we should store it in case of emergencies, and how and where to store water.  In addition, we'll discuss how and where you might find hidden sources of water.  We’ll explore several ways to treat water in order to ensure that the water you store or collect during an emergency will be safe for drinking and everything else you may need it for.  And finally, we’ll help you put together a list of supplies you would need to store and treat water in planning for the possibility of our water supply being compromised.  Ultimately, any emergency plan must include water, or it will be ineffective.  

                                         Training Seminar

                                                  -- Water --

  •      Consider How Much Water You Use                                                  
  •      How Much Water Do You Need
  •      Where and How do You Find Water
  •      Learn Where and How to Store Water
  •      Explore Several Ways to Treat Water
  •      Planning Your Own Water Storage


Cost: $19.95 per person

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