Survival Still

Survival Still


THE SURVIVAL STILL CAN PURIFY POND WATER, LAKE WATER AND EVEN OCEAN WATER - FOREVER! It's the most effective emergency purifier on the planet!

The Survival Still will ALWAYS produce high-purity water, even if you used it every day for thirty or forty years.

Effective on Toxic Metals, Forever. The Survival Still is extremely effective at removing toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, and fluoride for the life of the machine.

The single most effective way to kill and remove biological contaminants, like bacteria, parasites and viruses from water.

MEETS RED CROSS AND FEMA RECOMMENDATIONS for treating dangerously contaminated water in an emergency!

Never Fails Because It Doesn't Use Filters. Filters fail over time, and need to be replaced. The Survival Still uses distillation and requires no filters. This ensures the cleanest water with the most consistent results.

Won't Break Because It Has No Moving Parts. A very simple and effective design. Sturdy and durable. Very easy to use.

Made of 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Stainless Steel. It's built like a tank!

Lifetime Warranty. The Survival Still has a Lifetime Warranty and will last for decades of constant use.

Lifetime Performance Guarantee. We guarantee that the Survival Still will produce high purity distilled water for the life of the machine with NO deterioration in performance over time!

Converts Ocean Water into High Purity Water. The Survival Still is a permanent desalination system!

Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Support an American business and know that the survival still is made from the highest quality.

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