Sawyer Bucket System

Sawyer Bucket System


For those who want the versatility of the Sawyer All-In-One system without all of the required assembly, you can order this system preassembled with some helpful additions prepared for both transportation and easy use!

This system includes:

  • The Saywyer Filtration System prepared for easy installation and removal from the top dirty water bucket

  • 2 five gallon food-grade buckets, one prepared to accept the prepared Sawyer FIltration System and dirty water, the other prepared with a durable bulkhead union to store the filtered water

  • Brass Spigot for the clean water bucket’s installed bulkhead union

  • Plastic Colander and 5 extra large coffee filters to filter out most of the debris and particulates from noticeably dirty water sources

  • Everything else from the Sawyer All-In-One System, including the cleaning plunger, a durable water pouch, and other items included in the original packaging

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