Rain Saucers

Rain Saucers

from 69.95

- Made from food safe, UV resistant Plastic
- 1/16" filtration via mesh screen
- Stores flat or via hook through edge hole.

48” Set:

- 2" NPS threaded male fitting
- Wind resistance via retention ring and cables.
- Works with any barrel (not included) that has native 2" NPS fine thread hole or one installed by bulkhead fitting.
- System comes with 5 parts (RainSaucer, fasteners, adapter, filter, and retention ring)

61” Set:

- Wind resistance via cables installed underneath.
- Works only with open top circular barrels (not included). 22" width recommended. Examples include open top drums and Roughneck™ and Brute™ cans.
- System comes with 4 parts (RainSaucer, fasteners, filter, and cables).

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