The GetReady! Fuels Seminar is about understanding the purpose, capabilities, shortcomings, and sources of each type of fuel you may have at your disposal.  In the context of this seminar, fuels are much broader than simply what you put into your automobile.  It covers our dependence on electricity and all the various types of fossil-based energy sources we commonly use or might leverage in the event of a disaster.  

In addition, we address solar power and renewables, such as wood.  This is about those energy sources you may have already established as well as those that you may have identified as back-ups to your primary resources.  It will be put in the context of both sheltering in place and being on the move, either locally or while evacuating.  

You will leave this seminar with a better understanding of your vulnerabilities and how to meet the challenges you face before and during societal disruptions.

          In this Seminar, you will:

  •       Learn the Different Types of Fuels Available for Emergency Use
  •       Understand the Consumer Purpose for Each Kind of Fuel
  •       Note Our Degree of Dependence on Each Type of Fuel
  •       Discuss the Capabilities of Fuels for Primary and Alternate Use
  •       Consider Fuel Shortcomings Under Different Conditions
  •       Recognize the Available Sources of Each Type of Fuel
  •       Learn About Fuel Accessibility Under Various Circumstances
  •       Discuss How to Use Each Type of Fuel Under Duress


Cost: $19.95 per person

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