First Aid Kits



In this seminar, we'll discuss the need for first aid kits in your everyday life.  We'll look at the basic foundation of any good first aid kit, and discuss supplemental contents to suite more advanced and individual needs.  Next, we'll talk about the vulnerabilities of first aid kit contents to various environmental and man-made conditions, and ways to mitigate those vulnerabilities.  We'll follow up that discussion with placement and storage of a first aid kit to make it most available and effective to a care provider.  Then we'll get into building your own first aid kit, one that you can take with you for daily use.  Of course, anything as important as a first aid kit must be properly maintained.  So, we'll discuss such considerations as regular inspection and replacement of items like liquids and elastics.  Next, we'll talk about different first aid kits, from the pocket type we'll build to a larger business kit, that has capability to support dozens of employees. Finally, we'll get into using a first aid kit and its contents during practical exercises.  You should leave the seminar with a much better understanding of the value of first aid kits and how they can even save your life.



  • Why You Should Have a First Aid Kit
  • Contents of a First Aid Kit
  • Vulnerabilities of First Aid Items
  • How and Where to Store a First Aid Kit
  • Building Your First Aid Kit
  • Maintaining Your First Aid Kit
  • Types of First Aid Kits
  •  Using Your First Aid Kit


Cost: $19.95 per person

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