In this seminar, we'll discuss how the economy may be affected by catastrophic events.  Barter will be essential if the financial system fails.  We'll look at the basic foundation of any barter society, and discuss how barter can help you meet your needs.  Organization, both individually, and between people and other groups will become much more personal and purposeful.  Formal and informal exchange networks will be established.  People will need to identify the best barter items for their situation.  Relative value of those barter items should be understood early in the process, so that meaningful transactions can be made.  Of course, just like money, security must be an important consideration for everyone involved, so that your new form of cash will be available when you need it.  Not only do you need to secure your own goods, but security of the barter environment is crucial to establishing and maintaining proper relationships.  Finally, barter includes both services and goods.  It may very well be that you have a skill or trade that another needs and is willing to exchange for another skill or service, or even goods.  That's how things will work in an uncertain world.

Seminar Objectives

  •      Understand the Importance of Barter in Society
  •      Know Why Normal Financial Exchange May Fail
  •      Identify the Best Barter Items for Your Situation
  •      Know the Relative Value of Various Barter Items
  •      Know How to Effectively Secure Your Barter Items
  •      Recognize How to Organize for a Barter Society
  •      Determine When to Use Services Versus Goods
  •      Understand the Importance of Mutual Trust


Cost: $19.95 per person

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