Alternate Cooking Methods


In this seminar we will explore skills, equipment and fuels that can be used to prepare food during a power outage.  When the power goes out, all the food in your home becomes emergency food.  If you don’t have a generator to keep your refrigerator and freezer operational, you will want to cook and eat what you can before it spoils.  We will discuss how to make a plan to thrive as long as the emergency lasts.  The equipment and fuel you set aside for emergencies should depend not only on what kind of food you are setting aside, but also how many people you will be cooking for.  You will also want to consider the ages of those you will be feeding.  In this seminar we’ll help you make decisions on which alternate cooking methods will work best for you during an emergency.


Seminar Objectives

  •      Learn What Alternate Cooking Methods Means
  •      Discuss Different Food Preparation Styles
  •      Discover Alternate Cooking Equipment Options
  •      Which Fuels are Needed For Various Equipment
  •      Consider Cooking Applications


Cost: $19.95 per person

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