Advanced Map & Compass Seminar


In this Seminar, we'll review aspects of a baseplate compass and introduce the lensatic compass.  We'll look at how to determine azimuth (horizontal angle), elevation (vertical angle), and distance to determine geographical location.  We'll focus on navigation using the topographic, or relief map.  These maps are commonly found in several different scales.  Different map measuring devices will e introduced.  Once we have determined how to quickly and accurately find points on a map, we will do the same thing in an outdoor setting using natural and man-made features.  We will apply resection techniques to find our position on a map based on external features, and conversely located external features based on known map positions.  Finally, we will use our navigation tools to determine heights of objects.  You should leave this course with greater confidence in navigating by map and compass under any circumstances.

    Learning Objectives for this course:

  • Understand the Basics of Sighting a Compass
  • Learn How to read and Describe Topographic Maps
  •  Show how to Determine Direction on a Topographic Map
  • Determine and Define Position on a Map and in the Field
  • Show How to Measure Distance on a Map and in the Field
  • Learn to Establish/Maintain Direction with a Map and Compass
  • Demonstrate Methods for Tracking and Maintaining Location
  • Show How to Stay on Course Individually or as a Team


Cost:  $39.95 per person

Prerequisites:  None (Land Navigation or other map and compass experience recommended)

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